I am an engineer working in the San Francisco Bay area and was a beginner investor. I was introduced to Joe and the Virtual Real Estate Team by our real estate agent in the SF Bay area. As a beginner investing in a remote city, there were a lot of questions and concerns in my mind; but Joe had timely and professionally answered all of my questions with unlimited patience. Joe provided many reports and calculations to clarify all the concerns I had and that gave me reassurance. 

So, I started with my first investment in Oklahoma City with him.Since my first investment property had generated the profit as good as Joe promised, I decided purchasing my second investment property in Oklahoma City. I am now currently working on the third property with Joe and his team. Joe and his team are so resourceful that they could help you find the lender, property insurance agent, and property management so you would have a smooth transaction.

Joe and his team helped me acquire three properties which would be the most important components in my retirement portfolio. The transactions were smooth, and all properties are generating good profits as Joe proposed. I highly recommend Joe and his team to everyone who is interested in investing in real estate in the Oklahoma City area.

- ICG Investor, San Fransisco Bay, CA

Joe and his team will work hard for you by not only getting the best price point with a reputable builder, but also put the best finishes for a home and make the process so much smoother from start until closing.  This is my 3rd investment property in Oklahoma and I would say now is the

best time in to invest!

-ICG Investor, Utah

My biggest challenge was to find a stable, low risk investment which would produce a good amount of income without creating stress (e.g. from volatility in the financial markets). I had inherited some money that I wanted to invest in a responsible and secure way, minimizing risk. Also, I wanted to find an investment that made good sense for my own estate planning. 

When my children inherit the homes that I purchased, they will receive them at a step-up value and will not have to pay tax on any capital up until that point. I have had the most positive experience purchasing homes through the Virtual Real Estate Team. Every step of the purchase process went so smoothly and everyone I worked with is super

professional, efficient, and helpful. I never knew it could be so easy and fast to purchase a rental property. I also never knew that renting the house out to good tenants could happen so fast with the property management team!  

I felt completely supported throughout the entire process.  I had

many questions since it was the first time I had purchased in the U.S., and every question was answered fully and immediately. I am absolutely thrilled with my investments and cannot wait to purchase another rental property.  I fully trust and have complete confidence in the Virtual Real Estate Team. I am so happy to now have invested inherited money safely and wisely, and it's already be producing a good return!

-ICG Investor, Silicon Valley, CA

Options in our area for a 1031 Exchange meant either trading down or going back into debt for a comparable property. Joe found properties that we could afford. Thank you for helping us through the 1031 process and providing management services afterwards.

-ICG Investor, San Fransisco Bay, CA

I recently purchased my first single-family home investment. I did this after watching and learning how the process works from the many videos the Virtual Real Estate Team has available on YouTube. I was directed to Joe Pryor with the Virtual Real Estate Team in Oklahoma City by Adiel

Gorel. I briefly spoke with Joe Pryor, the team leader, at one of ICG's quarterly meetings. The team sent me lots of information about the properties. I reviewed the information and selected two properties

as potential candidates for investing. 

At that point, I contacted Josh Farmer, the leader of the

property management team. Josh was able to give me an objective opinion of each property from a rental investment point of view. With his advice, I felt more confident and decided to move forward and I signed the building contract for one of the properties. From that point forward, Joe's team kept me informed of the building progress regularly.

Eventually, the property was completed and the closing day came. Near the end is when most of the activity occurs. It was during this time that I really felt I was working with experienced professionals that were able to explain and make every step of the process clear to me. In the end,

I was really surprised at how smoothly the process had worked out. It seemed trivial, but I knew it worked out that way because I was working with a truly competent group of people. The home was

rented five days after the closing -- in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. I couldn't believe it.

Since then, I signed a building contract for a second investment home.

Thanks to all of you for your help making the experience so pleasant, smooth and simple.

-ICG Investor, San Jose, CA

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